McDill Elementary is more than just a school ....

         McDill is a family where parents, staff and volunteers work together to create unique learning opportunities for each and every one of our students.  Our school community works to build fundamental math, reading and writing skills.  We strive to provide an environment where students are given the opportunity to grow academically, emotionally and socially. Our whole child focus is what drives our exceptional academic scores.

         Our emphasis on positive behavior encompasses our belief that we work on more than just academics.  Positive behavior expectations are taught and reinforced.  Our Caught Being Good program encourages our students to be actively involved in shaping the values of our school community.  Our school recognizes character traits each month.  We showcase how positive choices impact a child's ability to achieve personal success.

         McDill Elementary has a cohesive partnership with the community.  On a daily basis, parents, guardians and volunteers work with our students, guiding them towards reaching their maximum potential in learning, play, positive behavior and community service projects.  The strong relationship between McDill staff, families and the community is an essential component in the attainment of our academic and behavioral goals.
    • Our school exceeds expectations on school performance for state assessments.
    • Our parents and volunteers are instrumental in the academic and behavioral successes our students achieve.
    • Our school actively participates in service projects for our community. Our student council works with each grade on service activities. Our business partnership with a local nursing home allows our students the opportunity to share beyond their peers.
    • Our 35 teachers have an average of 13 years experience each when it comes to educating young minds. Over half of them also have experience with advanced teaching curriculums, allowing them to better prepare students for junior high and high school courses.
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