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    The Stevens Point Area Public School District Education Enrichment Fund was established in the fall of 2003, through the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin, with an opening balance of $15,000.  This money was contributed by individual school board members, educators, district administrators and key local businesses.  All felt strongly that an endowment fund for education would enrich experiences for our youth for generations to come.  Since its inception, the fund has grown to approximately $216,000.

    The focus of the fund is to provide for special initiatives that cannot be funded at a meaningful scale through the regular school budget.  Each year, earnings from the endowment fund are awarded for special initiatives developed by district staff and selected by an advisory committee made up of representatives from throughout the community.

    The initial goal of the Education Enrichment Fund Advisory Committee was to build a substantial base of dollars for the endowment fund to allow grantmaking to begin shortly after the fund was established.  The early response was overwhelmingly positive.  Community businesses graciously donated significant contributions to create a solid base for the endowment fund and committed to continue fostering a strong business-education collaborative initiative.

    The current goal of the Education Enrichment Fund Advisory Committee is to grow the endowment base so that greater and greater amounts of money can be distributed as the principle grows.

    We ask you to join this effort because we know you value education in our community. Parents, service groups, senior citizens, businesses, and the community, in general, can all help. Contributions are all tax-deductible and may be made in the form of direct cash, memorials, retirement gifts, estates and bequests, alumni gifts, teacher recognition gifts, and gifts of stocks, bonds, and real estate.

    An enriching educational experience not only prepares our children for prosperous and meaningful lives, it is at the core of what makes a healthy, vibrant community. Mr. K.B. Willett used to say, "Let's all join together and do good things." Thank you for considering to assist us in growing the Stevens Point Area Public School District Education Enrichment Fund.  An investment in our children is an investment in our future.

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