10th Grade Field Trip Information

  • WHEN YOU VISIT: October - early November. SPASH tenth graders travel to BSF with your biology class. Because your teacher may not be with you, all parents & students must also sign a Permission FormBehavior & Effort Contract, and be in good academic/behavior standing to be eligible to attend. 

    WHAT YOU DO: Most biology classes take part in a 9-week study called the Eco-Jar Project. At the Boston School Forest, you'll conduct water quality tests on Ellingboe Pond and record your observations. We will compare the results of your Eco-Jar tests with those conducted at the actual pond and draw conclusions. After lunch, we'll have the opportunity to read and share short excerpts from well-known nature writers before heading out into the forest for the solo sit. A solo sit is a time to reflect on all your experiences at Boston School Forest since coming here as a little kid! You will have paper, clipboard, pencil, and stump. No devices are allowed on the solo sit and this is your last (school-sponsored) activity at the Boston School Forest. 

    WHAT TO BRING: October and November can be warm or quite cold and snowy. Please dress in layers including long-sleeve shirt, jacket, and long pants. You may also choose to bring hats and mittens. We spend most of the day outside so it's best to be prepared. You will also need to bring your own lunch and a water bottle.

    10th Water Testing