6th Grade Field Trip Information


    WHAT YOU DO: The 6th grade field trips build your orienteering skills from the compass work you did in 5th grade. For this trip, you will learn how to use a GPS device! Then after demonstrating your skills on the practice course, you and a small group of classmates will geocache (treasure hunt) all over Boston School Forest searching for clues to a secret message. We will also get the opportunity to learn all about solar energy by touring the solar panels, learning about light intensity, and finally building and racing your own solar-powered Lego cars!

    WHAT TO BRING: Hiking (tennis) shoes or hiking boots and socks is REQUIRED for this field trip. Please where long pants (no shorts or capris). April can be warm or cold so dress in layers (t-shirt, long sleeves, jacket) and even hat and mittens if that means you'll be comfortable. Also be sure to bring a lunch and a water bottle.

    6th Grade Geocache