5th Grade Field Trip Information

  • WHEN YOU VISIT: October - early November

    WHAT YOU DO: The 5th grade field trip really puts your skills to the test! You will become foresters for the day and learn about the tools used to identify types of trees. Then, you'll head out into the woods in small groups to do the Tree Identification Scavenger Hunt! You will also learn about the skill of orienteering: using a compass and map to find your way around the woods. After you try out the practice course, we'll send you and a small group of classmates way out into the forest to test your compass skills on the orienteering course!  

    WHAT TO BRING: Hiking (tennis) shoes or hiking boots and socks is REQUIRED for this field trip. Please where ONLY long pants (no shorts or capris). October can be hot or cool so dress your top in layers (t-shirt, long sleeves, jacket). Also be sure to bring a lunch and a water bottle.

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