3rd Grade Field Trip Information

  • WHEN YOU VISIT: September - early October

    WHAT YOU DO: The 3rd grade field trip theme is all about BIODIVERSITY and FOOD WEBS! We take a hike through the forest looking for evidence of food webs. Along our hike we will catch some grasshoppers that become part of the food chain when we feed them to the fish in the pond! Gulp! After lunch we look closely at the biodiversity in the pond using microscopes and field guides. Your class will become salmon and work together to get through all the obstacles along the migration route!

    WHAT TO BRING: September can be hot or cool so dress in layers.  ALWAYS where socks and shoes (no sandals!) Sunscreen and bug spray is a good idea. Be sure to bring a lunch and water bottle so that you can take part in the food chain too!

    3rd Grade Hike