BSF Internship for SPASH Students


    Do you LOVE the Boston School Forest? Would you like to spend more time here? Are you available 7th hour? If so, consider applying for the Boston School Forest Student Internship.

    The duties of a forest intern include:

    • animal care (feed & clean chinchilla, hedgehogs, turtles, salamanders, outdoor bird feeders)
    • organization of education supplies and equipment
    • flyer and sign design
    • trail maintenance
    • some writing for social media posts
    • trail cam monitoring
    • preparing for and volunteering at special events
    • assisting program leader and naturalists with cleaning
    • other miscellaneous duties as assigned

    To qualify, you must:

    • be a student in good standing
    • have Junior/Senior Release during 7th hour
    • provide your own transportation
    • get your parent to sign forms related to transportation and terms of internship

    What’s in it for you?

    • A 9-month internship that will look excellent on any resume (also available for 1 semester)
    • 1 science credit (independent study – school forest intern)
    • A chance to spend a part of every day at BSF!
    • The knowledge and gratification that you are helping to improve BSF for the thousands of elementary and secondary students who visit the forest annually.

    How to apply:

    • Email Mrs. Lockman at to apply. 
    • Be sure to ask a past teacher to be a reference for you (no letter required).


    Karla Lockman

    Program Leader

    Boston School Forest



    BSF Student Internship for SPASH Students