• Promote Mastery of Math Facts through Incremental Rehearsal

    Math Computation Intervention

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    Math Calculation

    Math Fluency

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    2, 3

    20-25 minutes per session, 4-5 sessions per week

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    Description / Directions

    1. Preparation for intervention

    -Teacher writes math facts student is expected to master without the answer on index cards

    -Teacher reviews collection of math facts with student

    -If student orally answers within 2 seconds, put in “known” pile

    -If student does not orally answer within 2 seconds, put in “unknown” pile

    -Teacher randomly selects 9 cards from known facts and discards the rest of the “known” deck

    2. Teacher takes 1 card from the “unknown” deck, reads math fact aloud and provides answer, then asks student to read and answer the same problem

    3. Teacher takes 1 card from the “known” deck and pairs it with an unknown problem

    -When shown 2 cards in sequence, student is asked to read off the problem and answer

    -Student is successful on a problem if correct answer is provided within 2 seconds

    -If student is incorrect or takes more than 2 seconds, teacher reads math fact and gives answer

    -Student reads same math fact and provides answer

    -Continue to do this until all cards are answered correctly within 2 seconds

    4. Teacher takes another problem from the “known” deck and adds to the collection of math facts being reviewed (“review” deck)

    -Teacher prompts student to read and answer whole series of facts in “review” deck, starting with unknown fact and then moving through growing series of “known” facts that follow it

    5. When “review” deck has grown to include 1 unknown fact and 9 known facts, the last known fact is discarded

    -The previously unknown fact that student has successfully practiced is now treated as a known fact and included as the first item in the 9 card “known” facts for future drills

    6. Present student with new math fact to answer from “unknown” deck

    -With each unknown fact, the above sequence is repeated

    RESOURCES: Using incremental rehearsal to increase fluency of single-digit multiplication facts with children identified as learning disabled in mathematics computation by M.K. Burns