9th Grade Field Trip Information

  • WHEN YOU VISIT: February - early March. You will travel to BSF with your science class. Because your teacher may not be with you, all parents & students must also sign a Permission FormBehavior & Effort Contract, and be in good academic/behavior standing to be eligible to attend. 

    WHAT YOU DO: Ninth graders take part in an international citizen-science monitoring program called Project FeederWatch. After a crash course in bird identification, groups observe a feeder for 30 minutes and collect data on the number and types of birds they see or hear. Then we warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and use Excel to graph both our feeder site and group data. After lunch, students are trained how to lead a bird activity station for Kindergarteners. Then, we join up with the kindergarten class and the ninth graders serve as teachers/role models/leaders by teaching the little ones all about birds.

    WHAT TO BRING: Aboslutely bring your WARMEST clothes! Warm boots, leggings under pants or snowpants, warm coat, hats, mittens/gloves, scarf, lunch, water bottle, science notebook, pencil, charged laptop, your smile, and a good attitude! :-)


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