Eighth Grade Individual Planning Conferences

  • As part of the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Office, the Ben Franklin Student Services office invites all eighth grade students and their parents/guardians to attend a 35-minute individual planning conference with their School Counselor (TBD or Mrs. Sharon Loken).

    Conferences will take place between December and May each year.  Families will receive an invitation to the conference via mail roughly two weeks prior to their assigned date and time.  Conferences last for approximately 35 minutes. 

    We are excited about this opportunity to help students plan for their future!  Parents/guardians were highly encouraged to attend.  Conferences are catered to the needs of each individual student.  Some of the topics discussed during this conference are:

    • Academic & Career Planning
    • 4-Year Course Plan
    • Career Cruising
    • Strength/Interest Areas
    • Transcript Review & Graduation Requirements
    • Personal, Educational, & Career Goals
    • Testing Information

     Why do we have this conference?

    • To share information
    • Gives the student ownership in creating high school and post-secondary goals
    • Building a positive relationship between school and families
    • Generate discussions between parents, students, and staff
    • Discuss Academic & Career Planning (ACP)

     What are the benefits?

    • Empowers students to make informed choices
    • Encourages a "planning ahead" framework to eliminate missed opportunities/deadlines
    • Students can achieve more by finding purpose in their own learning
    • Make sure students are on track for graduation