Academic & Career Planning (ACP)

  • What is ACP
    Beginning in the Fall of 2017, school boards are required to ensure their schools are providing Academic and Career Planning (ACP) services to students in grades 6-12.  ACP is an ongoing process that actively engages students with academic, career, and social/emotional development throughout their educational experience.

    The Benefits
    The ACP process is a student driven initiative in which students will make informed decision for their own individual post-secondary success.  Students will participate in activities and experiences in order to identify their strengths and abilities, improve their understanding of post-secondary options, better connect their goals to educational coursework and career goal activities, and engage in long-term planning for life after high school graduation.

    Key ACP Components

     Know - Who am I?

    • Self-awareness: personality, values, interests, knowledge, skills, abilities
    • Reflection and goal setting

     Explore - What do I want to do?

    • Find out about the work world and explore careers
    • Career research
    • Career awareness assessments
    • Career clusters

     Plan - How do I get there?

    • Consider skills, classes, and degrees that different jobs require
    • Find work-based learning opportunities
    • Explore and experience particular fields of interests
    • Look into options for experience:
      • Work based learning opportunities
      • Postsecondary training options
      • Financial plan for postsecondary routes
      • Community based learning opportunities

     Go - Do!

    • Action and experiences
    • Modify your plan and goals when needed
    • Advanced Placement courses
    • Course/Youth Options courses
    • Career Exploration courses
    • Youth Apprenticeship
    • Job Shadowing