• The District may photograph, videotape and record audio files of students and their accomplishments for presentations in newsletters, web pages and/or the District’s social media channels. Occasionally the media, either television and/or newspaper, will feature activities of individual students or groups of students who have excelled at a particular activity, and along with the story, will want to videotape and/or photograph students.

    The District is proud of the tremendous accomplishments of our students, your children, and looks forward to sharing their successes with the larger community; however, we are also sensitive to the fact that for reasons unique to each family, it may not be wise for pictures of students to appear in any media.

    If you do NOT want your student’s image (video, photo, and/or audio) to be displayed, please send a letter stating the same to the Superintendent’s Office in writing prior to September of each year:

    Superintendent’s Office
    Bliss Educational Services Center
    1900 Polk Street
    Stevens Point, WI 54481

    Please be advised that this notice is only intended to address consent related to photographing, filming and/or videotaping conducted by the District, its officers, employees, agents, and/or representative. This non-permission will be in effect until revoked in writing by the parent/guardian.

    Additionally, please inform your student of your desire so that they may assist us in fulfilling your request.  Be aware that if a student is involved in a high profile activity, or is a public figure by choice (such as athletics or student council), it is likely he/she will be photographed and/or videotaped. Also, because the school and grounds are relatively public places, we cannot guarantee that your student’s image will never appear as part of an incidental crowd photo or video. For more information, please reference Board policy 9151.

    We value your family’s right to privacy and look forward to communicating the accomplishments of students in the upcoming year.