• We are located in the heart of central Wisconsin boasting outstanding faculty and facilities all devoted to a high standard of academic excellence and student development.   Strong leadership at Board and Administrative levels; several unique programs; strong community partnerships; and a loyal, committed, and supportive community as well as our greatest assets - our students - allow our District to be one of Wisconsin's premiere, public school districts.  We offer K-12 education across several communities and are one of the largest districts in Wisconsin, consisting of 9 Elementary Schools, 2 Junior High Schools, 1 Senior High School and our specialized schools; Point of Discovery Charter School, Charles Fernandez Center, Boston School Forest, Online Learning Center and an exceptionally strong 4K program. 


    Whether you are applying for job opportunities currently available in our district or just "getting a jump" on the future, an application must be completed on the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN) for each area of employment.


    Certified Staff Vacancies: then go to WECAN to create an application


    Non-Certified Staff Vacancies:  then go to WECAN to create an application


    Internal Job Posting (current SPAPSD staff only):    Head Delivery
    Please select the Stevens Point Area Public School District in your WECAN Profile and provide your district email so that you will be able to view and apply to this position.


    Teacher Substitute


    Coaching/Advisory Positions: Please complete an application



    Thank you for your interest in the Stevens Point Area Public School District
    and we look forward to your candidacy

    Equal Employment Opportunity Employer    (Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply)

    The Stevens Point Area Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, pregnancy, parental status, arrest or conviction record, membership in the military reserve, religion, political beliefs or affiliations, citizenship, use or non-use of lawful products off school premises during non-working hours or any other factor prohibited by law.  Discrimination on the basis of age, sex (including sexual orientation) or disability is prohibited except where specific age, sex or other requirements constitute a bona fide occupational qualification necessary to the proper and efficient operation and administration of the school district.  The director of pupil services is the district's compliance officer.  If you have concerns, please call 345-5454.