•  We are a Seedling School!

    Madison Elementary is involved with the Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin recognition program administered through the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education (WCEE). Visit: GHSWisconsin.org


    Benefits of Green & Healthy Schools include:

    • a healthier, safer learning environment;                   
    • an increased sense of ownership by teachers, students, and staff in the school;
    • economic savings associated with reduced consumption and operating costs;
    • increased protection of natural resources;
    • increased connections between community and the school; and
    • use of the school site and facilities as a teaching tool.


    If you would like to be involved – contact us at madisonelemghs@gmail.com. We need parent, teacher, support staff, administrator, and student participation to sustain this green and healthy school movement.